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Approval#A-1031 <br /> Town of Hilton Head Island <br /> One Town Center Court <br /> Hilton Head Island, SC 29928 <br /> 843/341-4600 <br /> TREE APPROVAL <br /> DATE: August 8, 2005 <br /> REVISED: November 1, 2005 <br /> PROJECT NAME: 15 Trellis Court <br /> LOCATION: Trellis Court in Capital Commercial Park <br /> RECOMMENDATION _ Approval <br /> _X_ Approval with Conditions <br /> Disapproval <br /> CONDITIONS OF APPROVAL/REASON FOR DISAPPROVAL: <br /> 1) Pursuant to LMO Section 16-3-409, this Tree Approval is subject to expiration. This Tree <br /> Approval will expire on August 5, 2006 unless a complete development plan review <br /> application [see Section 16-3-303] is submitted or, where development plan review is not <br /> required,the approved activity is completed. <br /> 2) Approval based on revised site development plans by ICON Architecture and Planning <br /> dated 08/08/05. <br /> 3) Prior to stakeout inspection and prior to clearing revise site plans to detail granite <br /> fines for pervious sections of parking (plans revised 08/08/05). Stake edges of all <br /> buildings, pavement, and utilities. Install tree protection at the dripline of all trees or clusters <br /> of trees 20" in diameter or greater. The storage of any material in these tree protection <br /> zones is strictly prohibited. Flag trees to be removed in red. <br /> 4) Supplemental root care should consist of mycor, fertilizer and shredded wood mulch <br /> surrounding 11"/30" LAO bordering pervious parking space #8, 10/12/12/14 LO, 12/12/15 <br /> LO both located in center island and LO cluster 12/6/10 in parking area between spaces #12 <br /> and 13. Provide letter from certified arborist verifying work. <br /> 5) Pervious sections of parking lot should be constructed out of granite fines on grade. <br /> 6) Install silt fence along all required setbacks and buffers. <br /> 7) Tree Replacement as follows: <br /> Category I—7 trees (live and/or laurel oak) (10-12 feet in height) <br /> Category II- 2 trees (replant wax myrtle) (7-8 feet in height) <br /> Category III—25 trees (conifers) (7-8 feet in height) <br />