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, <br /> Approval#A-465 <br /> Town of Hilton Head Island <br /> One Town Center Court <br /> Hilton Head Island, SC 29928 <br /> 803/686-0904 <br /> TREE APPROVAL <br /> 26 May 1995 <br /> PROJECT NAME A.J.Trust Office/Warehouse <br /> LOCATION Marshland Road <br /> RECOMMENDATION Approval <br /> X Approval w/conditions <br /> Disapproval <br /> CONDITIONS OF APPROVAL/REASON FOR DISAPPROVAL: <br /> 1) Pursuant to LMO Sections 16-7-605 and 16-7-606, this Tree Approval is subject to <br /> expiration. This Tree Approval will expire on 26 May 1996 unless a complete <br /> development plan review application [see Section 16-7-661(a)] is submitted or, where <br /> development plan review is not required,the approved activity is completed. <br /> 2) Stakeout inspection prior to clearing. Erect barricades (orange safety fencing on 2x4 stakes <br /> or 2x4 wooden fence) around all trees to be left on site. Stake edges of all impervious <br /> surfaces (including lagoon), and pathways of all utilities. Erect silt fence at 20 foot buffer <br /> line for freshwater wetland. Flag trees to be removed in red. <br /> 3) Prior to any construction on the site, applicant shall submit plans for electrical, cable, and <br /> telephone utilities, showing all lines in relation to remaining trees. <br />