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I <br /> L <br /> Approval#A-956 <br /> Town of Hilton Head Island <br /> One Town Center Court <br /> Hilton Head Island, SC 29928 <br /> TREE APPROVAL <br /> DATE: 13 November 2003 <br /> PROJECT NAME: New Hope Baptist Church <br /> LOCATION: Spanish Wells Road <br /> RECOMMENDATION _ Approval <br /> _X_ Approval with Conditions <br /> Disapproval <br /> CONDITIONS OF APPROVAL/REASON FOR DISAPPROVAL: <br /> 1) Pursuant to LMO Sections 16-3-409, this Tree Approval is subject to expiration. This Tree <br /> Approval will expire on 13 November 2004 unless a complete development plan review <br /> application [see Section 16-3-303] is submitted or, where development plan review is not <br /> required,the approved activity is completed. <br /> 2) This approval is based on plans drawn by Andrews Engineering dated 11-4-02, last revised <br /> 10-27-03, and includes all of the conditions required by this permit. <br /> 3) PRIOR TO STAKEOUT INSPECTION, submit the following revisions: <br /> a. The initial comments from Natural Resources requested that the applicant address areas <br /> where trees are shown to be saved, but show significant fill and grading around the trees. <br /> This has not been done. Plans must be revised to show no grading in the area of the front <br /> buffer, the area to the left of the main entrance off of Spanish Wells Road,the area to the left <br /> of the Church between building and parking and the area to the right of the Church where <br /> parking meets drive. <br /> b. Label the tree retaining wall at the 36 inch pine to show wing walls at 120 degrees to the <br /> rear wall,not 30 degrees. <br /> c. Replace concrete flume from parking to detention with a grassed swale. <br /> 4) Stakeout inspection prior to clearing. Stake edges of all impervious surfaces and septic <br /> field, as well as perimeter of detention pond and pathways of swales and all utilities. Tree <br /> retaining wall at 36 inch pine or silt fence (not trenched in) must be installed for this <br /> inspection. Flag trees to be removed in red. <br /> 5) Since live oaks reach a very large mature size and have canopies that can spread well over <br /> 50 feet, I recommend that the live oaks shown to be planted up against the Church be moved <br />