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Approval#A- 1062 <br /> Town of Hilton Head Island <br /> One Town Center Court <br /> Hilton Head Island, SC 29928 <br /> TREE APPROVAL <br /> DATE: 27 July 2006 <br /> PROJECT NAME: 3rd and 4th Streets Paving,Phase I (4th Street) <br /> LOCATION: <br /> RECOMMENDATION _ Approval <br /> _X_ Approval with Conditions <br /> Disapproval <br /> CONDITIONS OF APPROVAL/REASON FOR DISAPPROVAL: <br /> 1) Pursuant to LMO Sections 16-3-409, this Tree Approval is subject to expiration. This Tree <br /> Approval will expire on 27 July 2006 unless a complete development plan review <br /> application [see Section 16-3-303] is submitted or, where development plan review is not <br /> required,the approved activity is completed. <br /> 2) This approval is based on plans drawn by Carolina Engineering Consultants dated 12-14-04, <br /> revised 6-23-06. <br /> 3) Stakeout inspection prior to clearing. Stake edges of asphalt and boundary of clearing. <br /> Barricade trees to remain at hammerhead end of road. Work in the ditch on Burkes Beach <br /> Road for this phase may only proceed to the common property line of Lots 26a/23a. Silt <br /> fence must be in place for this inspection. <br /> Sally L. Kr..s <br /> Natural Resources Administrator <br />